27 Aug 2013

Best festivals of 2013 so far…

It seems that festivals are not just for the young at heart who want to drink themselves to oblivion. Festivals are taking on a new persona and more and more people of different ages and generations are enjoying them – and why not! The UK is a great place to attend a festival and have a good dance and a sing along with friends and family... so what does the UK have to offer? The festival closest to home for me is the Isle of Wight Festival. It usually takes place in the month of June and it always hosts some great artists. It also provides a nice experience where you have to get the ferry across and enter the lovely landscape as you approach the venue! It was one of the last places that Jimmy Hendrix played just a few weeks before he died. So as you can see it’s pretty famous!

One of the longest running and most renowned festival in the UK is the Reading festival (and i guess you could couple this with the Leeds festival). Both music festivals provide a variety of music and draw in HUGE crowds every year! Both are run by the same people who also organise Glastonbury so it is guaranteed to be an amazing few days. This year’s headliners included Eminem, Chase and Status, Biffy Clyro, the Editors and fall out boy... superb!

It’s really difficult to imagine all the preparation that goes into organising such an event. Most people find planning a small corporate event difficult but it must be a nightmare when you are dealing with so many thousands of people and tickets and notoriously hard to manage band groups and members. Just think you are dealing with the bands themselves, health and safety regulations, the advertising and marketing side to help promote the event, the catering and so much more. You also need to think about what you can profit from whilst people are on the premises!

Promotional products are a great way to advertise festivals before they have begun, during and after the event! When people feel good and are having a great time they are more likely to buy branded products... promotional water bottles, printed umbrellas, thermo promotional mugs, balloons etc. Companies such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk help to provide all these types of merchandise and help to make events big and small even more successful than first thought!

If you can... attending a festival should be top priority on your bucket list!

21 Aug 2013

Promotional Mugs are always effective at schools

With the school holidays coming to an end, I will never forget that feeling of disappointment as a child, when the month of September rears its ugly head! Perhaps that’s being a little melodramatic but I guess it’s no different to that Sunday night feeling of dread for Monday morning. The start of term for teachers and other school staff is a great time to get back into routine and put into play all those action plans devised over the summer months. Sometimes a simple fundraising event is all that is needed to raise the morale of the students and get things fired up for the year to come. Personalised promotional products are a great way to do this and raise money at the same time. Children and employees will enjoy supporting the school and will be proud to carry around promotional merchandise embellished with the school name and logo.

If you are after something a little different then why not think about investing in some promotional mugs. Mugs are a great way to get your message out there and with so many people drinking hot and cold beverages throughout the day – it’s no wonder they are so successful. Mugs can also reach out to a wide variety of people including the young and old. In a school scenario they can be given to staff members, children, governors, visitors, parents and people visiting the school fete! They promote the school well and get your message out there as even schools need to advertise.

Now, I know you are thinking a ceramic or a china mug isn’t ideal for a child/teenager and you would certainly be right. It’s all about type casting the right mug with the type of person. A plastic mug would be more appropriate for this target audience and we will soon discover the reasons why. Whenever someone mentions the word ‘plastic mug’, I do shudder slightly as the thought of drinking out of plastic. However, I have learnt that the whole concept of plastic mugs has changed and nowadays you wouldn’t know the difference. They are just as pleasurable to drink from. The great thing about plastic mugs is that they are hard wearing (perfect for children) boast a long life span as they are robust can withstand a lot of hard ware and they certainly leave a long lasting impression.

Adults on the other hand maybe wouldn’t be so happy to drink their morning wake me up coffee from a plastic mug and will definitely prefer a china or ceramic mug. Companies such as promotionalproducts.co.uk offer a whole range of products all of which can be personalised with the schools name and logo. A quick reminder of the fantastic school that your children belong to or a reminder of their contact details when you need to ring them about something!

Promotional mugs really are a great way to raise your schools awareness in the community.

16 Aug 2013

Printed pens producing interest at shows

The traditional time of year for tradeshows is between the months of February and May. However, with the ever increasing range of conferences and tradeshows vying for space at the various exhibition halls around the country, the competition is fierce and once there, the investment and emphasis that industries put on these shows is more than evident; high quality speakers, huge advertising banners and sophisticated trade stands ensuring that attendees feel that they’re getting their money’s worth.

The after show experience continues too with numerous exhibitors furnishing their newly acquired contacts with a plethora of freebies and giveaways. The most popular promotional products by far and away are pens printed with a logo and slogan. You can’t help but appreciate why too when you consider the initial cost against the potential ROI.

The range of giveaways that can be printed with your logo is extensive but when it comes to value for money, promotional pens lead the way. There are a huge range of colours to choose from especially within our best-selling Fashion Pens and Ice Media Pens ranges. Why not have a look for yourself and see witness for yourself how beneficial they can be? Visit PromotionalProducts.co.uk for more information.

15 Aug 2013

Popular with schools: Promotional Mugs

September is drawing in and you can feel the tension amongst the school children as they are thinking about going back to school after six long weeks of relaxation and fun. However, the start of term is not all doom and gloom and it can be a welcomed rest for parents and a boast back into the reality of routine again. Teachers and headmasters will have been planning and thinking about ways to fundraise for schools for the up and coming year and promotional products are the answer on many occasions.

I could bombard you with facts about the shelf life of a personalised pencil or the advantages of the printed pen – but I think it’s time for something different! I think sometimes we all need to think outside the box a bit more. Schools are not always associated with children, there are teachers, parents, support staff and others who are all ready and waiting desperate to help out and raise funds to support the pupils. Therefore, promotional mugs are a great place to start. Promotional mugs are affordable and they provide a great return on investment. What is the first thing a staff member is going to do when they start back in September? The answer is simple... have a cup of tea or coffee and a catch up. Promotional mugs create that sense of team spirit – especially if they start the term with brand new sparkling uniform printed mugs with the school logo on. They are also great items to sell and school fairs and fundraisers. People want to make a difference and this is one way of doing so.

So let’s look at the advantages of a promotional printed mug. Firstly and most importantly, they continuously advertise your product and service whether you are education based of office based. Many people will see what’s written on the mug over a period of years as mugs are so practical and they have such a long shelf life. Secondly, They generate a direct response from whoever is using them – which is always a great point of conversation an raises brand awareness. Thirdly, they are very versatile, they can be carried from location to location, they can be used at home or in the work place and they are robust and trustworthy. The biggest advantage of all is the fact that they are a promotional product that is used on a daily basis and missed if not used. People become reliant on them and they become a part of everyday life!

To find out more about what promotional products can do for your school visit the website promotional products site.

8 Aug 2013

Summer is not over yet, how about drinks bottles printed.

The August bank holiday weekend is nearly upon us and that can only mean one thing... the Reading and Leads Festival 2013! The traditional event always draws in a huge crowd and tickets are sold out within minutes of being available. At the Reading festival this year the iconic Eminem, Green Day and Biffy Clyro are headlining so it’s certainly going to be another successful year. If you think about the thousands of people that attend the event, you will realise what a great advertising opportunity it provides companies in the UK! Think about all those different types of people you could be reaching out to.

There are so many promotional products to choose from when you are looking at printed items that accompany the summer months...and festivals for that manner! These range from personalised baseball caps, T-shirts’ to printed umbrellas, to drawstring bags, to beach balls, to Frisbees even printed water bottles. There are so many options, none of which have to be boring and dull. Going on what our customers buy, I have to say that printed water bottles and promotional mugs are a firm favourite as they are something that you know people will use on a regular basis especially through the warmer months; not to mention they look superb when printed with a company logo and contact details.

Not only are these bottles great giveaways for summer they are also perfect for businesses to give to their employees to keep hydrated during the day throughout the year. They also work well with companies in the leisure, sport and fitness industry. Let’s face it, most people love to receive something that is free and useful, so these are the perfect giveaway! Once these bottles are branded, they effectively display your contact details for all to see and they subtly advertise your brand without the customer realising too much! They appear to be more of a reminder then an intrusion!

So in summary, the main advantages of the classic printed water bottle are... Firstly they serve to remind the customer (and others) who you are and what services you provide. Secondly, bottles are appreciated by most and increase brand loyalty due to their practicality and usage. Finally they are great giveaways at most events including tradeshows, exhibitions, seminars, corporate days etc – the list is truly endless due to their versatility. They also come in a variety of colours, styles and designs and companies such as PromotionalProducts.co.uk can help create the perfect printed bottle for your company or event.

1 Aug 2013

Printed mugs, glasses, cups & much more...

So the debate rages on is coffee good for you or bad for you? There seems there is so much evidence (good and bad) it’s hard to decide whether to keep drinking it or not. I have to say though, the thought of drinking a green tea at 7am before work – fills me with repulsion. I need my coffee in the morning which i enjoy drinking - not a herbal remedy! So looking at the facts its seems the caffeine in coffee may cut post gym muscle pain, it provides anti-oxidants to the body which is a good thing and it is even said to boast the female sex drive – so it’s obviously not all that bad. On the other hand it can keep you up all night, and too much caffeine is said in extreme cases can kill you! Now that’s quite a scary thought! I think with anything we all need to make our own decisions and do what we think is best.

What we need to keep in mind is that most people in the UK drink some description of a hot beverage in a printed mug most days of the year, whether it be coffee, tea, hot chocolate or green tea. Whether people admit it or not everyone has a preference for the mug that they use and if that mug has your company name all over it – all the better! Personalised mugs are a popular choice amongst clients as they are used on a regular basis and they complement the perfect style that appeals to corporate clients. The great thing about these promotional products is that they come in a variety of designs, styles, materials and colours that suit any event or occasion and they are affordable too.

The advantages for printed mugs, glasses and cups are endless! It’s safe to say that they continually advertise your products and services on a regular basis because it’s a fact that people need to drink throughout the day. Promotional mugs and cups also help to create maximum brand exposure so that people start getting familiar with your logo and trusting your brand. They are also versatile in the fact that they can be used both in the home and at the office – a continue reminder of who you re! They are also great gift ideas for special clients or even employees. Everyone likes to receive a free gift and if it’s one you can use over and over again then all the better.

Companies such as PromotionalProducts.co.uk can help you to design the perfect mug taking into consideration all your requirements and needs. Print mugs are certainly the way forward.