30 Sep 2013

Top 5 styles of bags

When thinking about printed bags, my mind immediately reverts to the plastic bags you get at the supermarket. But nowadays these are the very tip of the iceberg where promotional printed bags are concerned. Nowadays its seems that every type of person (male, female, child, adult) is using bags whether it be a classic handbag, a duffle bag, a backpack or a laptop bag. It seems to me that they are an everyday essential and this is what makes them such an effective promotional gift. Not only are bags extremely useful and practical, they are also a great way to raise brand awareness and a secure way to get your company name out very large format on the front / side / rear or strap of the product and it will certainly be seen from a far.

So what are the top five styles of bags for this year? One of the most popular choices of bags for promotions this year has been the classic printed duffle bag. They are a great asset to trade shows and exhibitions and are VERY affordable if you are on a budget. They can be used to put your gym kit in, to carry a few bits and pieces into the office when you’re cycling in, in the morning or you can simply put your keys and wallet it it to keep them safe. They are suitable for both women and children and more and more schools are using them as giveaways at fundraising events. They can also come with an assortment of pockets which is really handy!

Second and third on the list are tote bags and beach totes. You may not have heard them be called this before but I can assure you, they will be familiar to you. They are most commonly used as gifts for clients and usually come in a square shape with handles; they are usually made of cotton and similar materials such as polyester and nylon. They are very popular amongst females and the younger generation.

Fourth on the list are personalised laptop bags. These are the perfect gifts for any professional, person studying or anyone for that matter who uses a laptop. They look great when printed with a large logo and they really say something about your company when given away as a gift. On the other hand they can be sold at fundraisers at charity events. The great thing about these promotional bags is the person carrying the bag will carry your logo for you and become a walking advertisement. You, therefore win both ways... a happy client and a successful advertising campaign.

Fifth and finally on the list is printed backpacks also known as rucksacks. Companies such as www.promotionalproduct.co.uk offer a wide selection of this type of bag and they look fabulous when customised with a company logo and contact details. They are great promotional giveaways for kids and teenagers and are also very useful whether you are a full time mum, cyclist or gym member amongst many other things. There are many different styles and designs for a number of different people – all you need to do is decide which one suits your target audience the best. For more advice and information visit the above website.

25 Sep 2013

Printed bags are a must have for new shops

Starting a new business is always stressful and can be very complicated at times especially if you are new to the industry. It can be difficult to know how to get your name out there and raise brand awareness amongst a target audience that you don’t know how to reach out to. It is almost as though the minute you open your doors to the public you need to start advertising and telling people who you are.

The easiest way to do this is to invest in some quality printed promotional bags - ideally with your name, contact details and logo displayed clearly for all to see. It might also be a good idea to opt for a vibrant coloured bag that will catch the attention of customers and potential customers immediately. Many retail owners disregard the need for good quality printed carrier bags, but it is a highly important step to establishing the quality of your brand for a new business. It can be so frustrating for a customer if they buy goods from your shop and then find the free accompanying bag is useless and breaks on the way home! This is all too familiar when Tesco’s once changed their bags – it actually stopped me shopping there until they reverted back to the old brand! The customer needs a positive experience from start to finish if they are ever to spend money with you again!

It would be very easy to just supply your customer with a plain, impersonalised plastic carrier bag. Yes it would save money and could be delivered instantly but sometimes you need to spend a little to get something back! You would be missing out on an amazing opportunity to advertise your brand to the world and reach out to customers you never thought you had because let’s face it – printed bags are effective walking advertisements! By giving customers a plain bag you are missing the opportunity to remind your customer where your shop is and how they can contact you in the future when they leave the shop. Bags also can display a website address so customers can continue their shopping online.

Companies and websites such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk are very helpful nowadays in helping companies to produce the right design for promotional bags and other personalised products. It is important to get the design right in order for your investment to be a success! You don’t want to purchase some quality printed bags and then rush the design that is printed on them, as it becomes a complete waste of time and money! The design could be too small and will be missed by existing and potential customers, which was probably the main objective in the first place!

Printed bags are a great place to start your advertising journey and you only need to look around to see how successful they are and how many companies are using the today.

23 Sep 2013

How many companies are using Printed Bags

Next time you are out and about town have a look at how many companies are using printed bags as a way to advertise their brand. It’s not surprising how many companies use this method of interaction with their customers (and potential customers) as it is so effective and really gets your name out there amongst the crowds. Printed bags are used not only by retail businesses but also various different industries including being present at product launches, tradeshows and exhibitions, seminars, corporate days and quirky events. Brand recognition is the key to success and prolonged sales and profit!

So what makes people choose to invest in printed bags over other promotional products such as pens, mugs, umbrellas, paper products and electrical gadgets? There are various reasons why and when you see your logo exposed to the world on a carrier bag – you instantly see their effectiveness. They are a great way to help consumers remember a business name and logo long after the event or shopping experience is over. It has to be said though, that companies do not just invest in your basic carry bag. Many companies choose to go the extra mile and invest in tote bags, conference bags, laptop bags, paper bags, bags for life, sports bags and even holdalls – all of which can be customised with your company name, logo and contact details. A lot of companies are also looking to recycled, so called ‘green’ eco friendly products to attach their name to as it really says something positive about their company ethos.

There are many benefits where promotional bags are concerned. Firstly, there is such a range to choose from when you are looking for that special personalised bag for your company’s marketing campaign. The range is phenomenal and companies such as www.promotionalproducts.co.uk are always on hand to help you make the right decision. Also, if you are worried about the actual design on the bag - expert artwork teams are always there to help and instruct when asked or needed. The main advantage with the printed promotional bag is the superb print area it provides and it is really worth doing your research and producing your best design possible. Just think how many people will see your logo and how many people will remember who you are in their hour of need!

Just by looking at the amount of companies that use promotional bags, you can see how successful and worthwhile they are.

17 Sep 2013

Promotional Bags with Large print areas increase awareness

If you have your own business then you will know just how hard it can be to get your name out there and make people aware of whom you are and what you do. Yes, you could spend copious amounts of money on expensive bill boards, magazine advertisements and even TV adverts but with the past credit crunch, these are not realistic options to most companies. Sometimes, simply investing in some effective printed promotional products can be the answer. Let’s face it companies have been using this method of advertising for years and it has kept going because printed merchandise has proved to be so successful and can achieve a great return on investment. The great thing about promotional products is that there is a wide range of product to choose from and everything can be personalised with your company details and logo.

The most sought after product in the market today appears to be the branded promotional bag and when investigated in detail, there is no surprise why. One of the main reasons why they are so successful is because of their superb print area. On most bags you have the opportunity to display your logo in a very large format in comparison to other promotional products such as printed pens and mugs. This means that more people are likely to see your logo and take notice. If you logo is printed on a pen then it may be harder to see and will not reach out to a large target audience. Artwork specialists will always advise you on the best design for your company details and logo so that you are getting the best out of your promotional giveaway. On the other hand you can always design your own and go straight to print.

The second reason why promotional bags are so popular is because of their practicality. Most people (men and women) carry a bag with them at some point in the day whether it be during the week or at the weekend. I’m not just taking about the classic handbag... I’m thinking about record bags, conference bags, bags for life, carrier bags and tote bags – all of which can be personalised with your company details and delivered within a week. It has to be said that a more quality bag may be better off in the long run as it will most probably last longer, however it all depends under what circumstance you are giving them away. The other great thing about their practicality is that they are used by many audiences, young, old, male and female.

I could talk all day about the benefits of a promotional bag; however if you need more information www.promotionalproducts.co.uk are always there to help you out and give you advice.

12 Sep 2013

Best exhibitions & tradeshows of 2013

While the most popular time of year for trade shows and exhibitions is often around the February/March time of year, there’s no stopping more niche markets holding their own large scale events throughout the year. There are a very diverse range of industry specific events occurring throughout the remainder of 2013 including the Ideal Home Show at Christmas, the Olympia Beauty Expo and the BBC Good Food Show Winter.

Many of these shows, while centralised around a unique focal point, employ very similar methods to promote themselves, as do the participants; one of the most popular tools of choice being promotional products which are used both as a way to promote in advance of the event and to reinforce the brand during and afterwards.

Promotional products ranges are very diverse and cater for all types of exhibitions and tradeshows but more often than not, the most proven and effective products are the ones that are re-ordered year on year by everyone. But what are the most popular items? Promotional pens, printed bags, personalised lanyards and advertising logobugs are just a few and can all be found in the giveaways department at PromotionalProducts.co.uk.

10 Sep 2013

Large print areas increase awareness on Promotional Bags

Many companies are giving away promotional bags as a way of raising their brand awareness and increasing their popularity amongst both existing customers and potential customers. Let’s face it, if a brand is well known (for the right reasons) then this can only benefit your profit margin in the long run. People trust a well-known name and are proud to be associated with it, so giving away a branded promotional product can only be a good thing. However there are a couple of factors you need to take into consideration. Distributing promotional products to clients shouldn’t just be a slap dash decision, as not all products are appropriate for all occasions. What would be the point in giving away a printed balloon at a corporate golf day? You want invest in something that has an impact or is at least in some way connected to the event taking place. With so many products on the market to choose from – there is always something to suit all tastes and objectives.

It’s no secret that large print areas on promotional products hold the key to success where advertising is concerned! It would be wrong to say that if you decide to print a small logo and text on a promotional bag then this will have a bigger impact then a bag printed in a large print format – it just doesn’t make sense. You need to be careful what you are printing though and make sure you don’t ‘squash’ as much information in as possible. Sometimes little is more effective because let’s face it, who realistically is going to read a whole paragraph of text when they glance quickly at your promotional bag. You just want them to remember your name, logo and some sort of way to contact you – whether it be email address, telephone number or address details. Most promotional product companies like www.promotionalproducts.co.uk will help you to create your design and will give you advice about how to get the most out of your promotional products.

The other aspect you need to consider is your budget and what your constraints are. Ideally you want to get the best quality you can. Promotional bags are great because you can’t go too wrong with them. Most bags are made of quality material because they need to withstand different weights and are probably going to be used on a regular basis. They are also a fashion statement nowadays so they need to look trendy and desirable. Everyone loves to receive a bag and this even branches out to both men and women.
in your budget. Sometimes it’s worth pushing the boat out and picking something of a better quality which will hopefully last longer. The product will probably last longer and people will see this as a reflection of your company. Then the trust will start to build.

So as you can see there are many factors to consider when thinking about promotional products.